New Year's Resolutions - How are you doing?

January 06, 2017 by Kathy Nellor

We’ve all made them, and honestly some of us may already have broken them. Then why, oh why do we do it every year? What is so intriguing about the New Year’s Resolution? I believe it’s just human nature. We all want to try to be better than we were the year before. Whether it’s wanting to spend more quality time with our children, signing up for classes at the local college, quitting smoking, exercising more, losing weight, etc., we all have the desire to be “better” and achieve more. That’s a good thing. It’s better to have set a goal and fall a bit short, than to not have set a goal at all. So if you’ve already fallen short on your goal already this year, re-group and try again.It’s not too late. Below are some tips that might help you stick with this year’s resolution:

Take Small Steps

Try to come up with small or even daily goals that will lead you to your bigger goal. Set up a plan of action. Accomplishing something on a daily or weekly basis will help you see immediate results and give you a sense of accomplishment. For example, if your goal is to lose weight. Set weekly goals, such as on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays I will go for a walk at lunch and everyday I will keep a food journal.

Change for Yourself

Even though we know this, it is a good reminder. Your desire to change needs to come from a sincere desire to change for yourself. Don’t decide to change to please anyone except for yourself. Also remember, resolutions are an opportunity for you to look forward in a positive way, rather than to punish yourself for past behaviors.

Be Realistic

Make sure your goal and plan of action are realistic and convenient for you. The only way your goal will truly become reality is if you believe in it, but most importantly, you believe in yourself. Find a role model who has achieved and is living your goal.

Anticipate Roadblocks

Make sure you think about and anticipate potential roadblocks or barriers and have an alternate plan for these situations. Also, whenever you feel that you are off target, re-group and get back on track.

Reward Yourself

We all love rewards. Put a reward system into your plan of action. As you hit milestones into your goal, plan on what reward you will give yourself each step of the way. For example, buy yourself a new outfit, go get a manicure or massage, take some time for yourself. Make your rewards personal for you.

Remember you are your best supporter. A well-thought-out resolution can help you live your life the best way possible, starting from the inside!

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