Tips for Healthy Eating on the Run

September 30, 2014 by Kathy Nellor

We are all busier than ever, and when crunched for time, fast food is the go-to meal for many of us. It's easy, cheap, and fast, but often not healthy. With a little forethought and planning we can avoid some of the worst foods and make healthier choices at fast food restaurants. Here are some tips:

1. Watch Portion Sizes - Usually a small size is enough to satisfy cravings. A small order of fries can be up to 100 calories less than its super-sized counterpart. A small sandwich or half a sandwich is often filling and will curb hunger. Ask for the kid's meal to ensure smaller portions.

2. Go Deli-Style - Deli-style fast food restaurants offer many options that are lower in fat and calories. Choose whole wheat bread or a wrap, and add lots of veggies for a flavorful and filling sandwich. But skip the mayo!

3. Pick the Better Side - Forget the standard French fry side order – try fresh fruit or a salad. Most fast food chains offer these healthier options.

4. Add a Salad - Fill up on greens and veggies to get fiber and vitamins.

5. Grilled Is Best - Even though chicken is a lean meat, many fried or breaded chicken options can have more fat and calories than a hamburger. Always choose grilled chicken over breaded or fried.

6. Hit the Supermarket - Instead of a fast food chain, have lunch in a local supermarket. There you will find pre-cut fruit and veggie options, along with snacks such as low fat string cheese or yogurt. Many supermarkets also have salad and sushi bars, or other ready-made healthy foods.

7. Hold the Mayo! - Whatever ordered in a fast food restaurant, hold the mayo! Mayo is full of fat and just one tablespoon contains nearly 100 calories! Try mustard instead for a low-calorie, low-fat condiment.

8. Water Your Thirst - Water is the best way to quench thirst. It doesn’t add empty calories that can come from sugar from sodas and other soft drinks. Water give the sense of feeling full without adding calories to your diet.


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