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Know Your Numbers

Know Your Numbers for Employers

Do your employees understand their health status? Could they accurately classify themselves at low, medium or high risk of chronic disease? To understand health status, it is helpful for individuals to know how they compare to recommended health indicators. These indicators are a list of “numbers” - blood pressure, good and bad cholesterol, blood sugar, body mass index and waist circumference all are numbers that help individuals identify their own health status.

The BlueHealth Advantage “Know Your Numbers” campaign provides the tools for individuals to assess where they are in comparison to recommended “numbers”. Know Your Numbers materials include worksite educational posters and wallet cards for individuals to use to track their numbers over time.

Know Your Numbers materials work well to support worksite screenings that are often a key component of wellness programs. Plain and simple, preventive screenings and tests save lives. Health screenings function to increase awareness and to reinforce the clinical and medical objectives of your wellness program. Through screenings, individuals raise their knowledge of individual risk factors and can identify surrogate markers for diseases for which lifestyle and medical intervention is appropriate. Early identification of previously undiagnosed conditions or risks allow physicians to intervene early with appropriate treatments and lifestyle recommendations that can be taken to improve health outcomes and costs.

Elements of the Know Your Numbers Campaign include wallet cards, worksite posters, preventive health guidelines, etc. Download the Know Your Numbers materials below:

Knowledge is power, and when your employees understand their unique risks, and are armed with the knowledge of prevention, they are more likely to take action for better personal health.