BlueHealth Advantage

Quarterly Self-Study Programs

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska we are dedicated to providing your organization with quality health and wellness information and tools. We are proud to introduce our newest online program. Each quarter, we will highlight a Lifestyle Management Guide and feature an online self-study quiz to test your employees' knowledge of the topic. After they complete the quiz, your employee will receive an electronic certificate of completion.

The following is the list of topics for this year and additional ideas on how to best utilize this new program.

Program Implementation Ideas:

  • Send your employees the link to the following quarterly program webpage and have them read the guide and take the quiz.
  • After they complete the quiz, have them print out the certificate of completion and email or send it to you.
  • Incent your employees to participate by:
    • Giving them points for completing each quarterly quiz and have an end of the year prize.
    • Giving a prize to all participants that complete each quarterly quiz.
    • Conducting quarterly and end of they year prize drawings from the names of all the participants.

2019 Self-Study Program Topics:

Below is the list and timeline for this year's self-study topics.

    Managing Your Weight

    • Available January through March

    Getting Physically Active

    • Available April through June

    Understanding and Coping with Stress

    • Available July through September

    Living Tobacco Free

    • Available October through December